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Future News - CA Quake triggering Volcanoes? First Lightsail 2 photos, Indian Moon launch Imminent, Virgin Galactic going public, Israeli Lunar Lander Lives! PBS's "Chasing the Moon", AI and Facial Recognition with the DMV and Casinos 

Listen Now to Future News 7.09.2019

We were sure lucky not to have those latest CA quakes in our neigborhood, but should we be concerned that they did happen in the Coso Volcanic Field, and activate volcanic activity. We’ll be keeping an eye on that..

Meanwhile, citizen scientists have launched the Lightsail 2, demonstrating how spacecraft, including satellites, can navigate solely with light (using a lightsail), the Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan-2 will blast off July 15 with a lunar lander and rover for the moon’s South pole region, already populated with the Chinese lander, Chang’e 3.  It looks like there might be lots of water there.. It looks like you’ll soon be able to invest in Virgin Galactic, which will offer passenger rides to space later this year!

And watch out for the combo of AI with Facial recognition tech, which is affecting the way government agencies are looking for criminals and casinos are targeting suckers! Enjoy..

Chandrayaan-2 has three modules, an Orbiter, a Lander called Vikram, and a Rover called Pragyan, which means ‘wisdom’ in Sanskrit.

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