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Future News - 64 Sats orbited by one Falcon 9, Mars InSight Powered Up, CRISPR Baby Scandal Grows, AI's for Predictive Policing, Lab Grown Meat Quietly Approved by FDA & USDA, Duncan McCollum on Camp Fire Animal Rescue Operations  

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As the holidays approach, there’s big trouble in China, as the main scientist behind the genetically-modified babies mysteriously disappears.  This week we look at some of the hot water Dr. He Jiankui has created for himself. Meanwhile, good news in outer space, as Space X launches 64 sats on one rocket, and our InSight Lander on Mars powers up perfectly, with solar panels now fully deployed.

Closer to home, Dr. Duncan McCollum visits us in the KSCO studios to tell us about the animal rescue operations of the Camp Fire, California’s biggest and most deadly wildfire so far.  For those who want to go directly to how they can help the critters, check out the website of the North Valley Animal Disaster Group and/or text to the number 474747 then put ‘campfirepets’ in the text message box.

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