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Future News including guest commentator Todd Stock (Dr. Paradise) - What's Next for the new Martian Lander, Deep Discussion on the Implications of Gene-edited Humans, Reaching Symbiosis with AI's, Robotic animal training, the Mysteries of Wombat and Whale poo, Lego Passages 

Listen Now to Future News 11.27.2018

It’s an exciting week, with the InSight lander safely on Mars and the announcement of the first gene-edited human babies in China!  To help elucidate the topics this week, we have Todd Stock (aka Dr. Paradise) in the studio, a renaissance mind with a background in programming, AI, CGI, media, and enlightenment.  And believe me, these topics need some serious discussion by us all, especially gene-editing and AI. Enjoy!

L-R Al Lundell (Dr. F), Todd Stock, Sun Lundell (Mrs. F)






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