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Future News - Chinese Space Station Burns Up, Zipline's Commercial Delivery Drone, 8 Billion Year Old Star Revealed, Venus could host Microbes, Painting Asteroids to Move Them, 50th Anniversary of 2001 - A Space Odysessy, Collecting Space Junk

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Islanders in the South Pacific had a nice ‘meteor show’, with the Chinese Space Station burning up this week, as it entered the earth’s atmosphere.  Zipline’s new fixed wing robot aircraft will soon be offering commercial deliveries, after field testing their aircraft in Africa for several years. And who knew that painting an asteroid would change it’s course?  Remember the classic Kubrick film, 2001 - A Space Odysessy? Can you believe it’s been 50 years since it’s release, wow!

Chinese Space Station Re-entering Eartlh’s Atmosphere


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