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Future News - Four New Elements, VASIMR Plasma Drive, New Asteroid Defense Network, Chevy Bolt Debuts, Marty McFly Sneakers, Anti-Drone Laser Weapons, 3D Printed Alien Object, Robotic Falcon 

Listen Now to Future News 1.12.2016

It is a safer world when our new Asteroid Defense system is deployed, a big issue if we are ever hit by one of those wayward space rocks. And to explore the solar system, getting to Mars in 39 days, we have the VASIMR plasma drive, promising to revolutionize space trave with its speed energy efficient design. (all you need is a powerful nuclear reactor to power it, minor details.) Meanwhile on Earth, we have discovered/created four new elements to complete the Periodic Table, we’ve have a new pair of heated shoes that self-tighten and track our movements, a new electric car from Chevrolet, hand held laser weapons and a robotic falcon for taking out drones, and a 3D printed metal spaceship model, made from an asteroid. Oh, and let us not forget trauma can be passed down through the generations via sperm!  Enjoy!

The new VASIMR Propulsion System , getting us to Mars to 39 Days

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