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State of the Future Interview with NASA-trained Quantum Astronaut Christopher Altman and Kate Russell

Listen Now to Christopher Altman and Kate Russell

Happy New Year to you all! — We’re off to a fine start with our guests this week, NASA-trained quantum astronaut Christopher Altman (Facebook) and his muse, Kate Kie Russell, a professional model and actress, serendipity spark, technology catalyst, conference and events coordinator, DJ, host and emcee. Kate is fluent in Japanese, and a talented icebreaker into the vast, unexplored terrain of “Deep Future” thinking. 

On this show we explore such erudite topics as breakthroughs in CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, Open AI, magnetic thorium nuclear plasma drives for deep space exploration, the Tau Zero Foundation pioneering interstellar flight, quantum entanglement/teleportation, multidisciplinary research institute Starlab, outer space and inner space, open source vs secrecy, and a myriad of other future trends making their way to the present. Enjoy!


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