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Future News and Review - 90th Anniversary of TV, Remembering Marvin Minksy, El Nino, Drones and Citizen Scientists, Floating air plants, Planet Nine, Are Aliens Extinct?

Listen Now to Future News 1.26.2016

A fun show today with lots of good stories and callers.  We even started off with a continuing  politcal thread from the previous show on KSCO, with Charles Freedman.  For the second half of the show we had our quantum astronaut friend Christopher Altman check in for comments on several space and consciousness stories on our docket.  Look for the interesting juxtaposition between Chris and a caller, Celestine Star, a psychic intuitive from Marin..”The Psychic and the Astronaut.”  The radical differences in belief systems could have been confusing, but we thought it came off quite well!  The image below is an unusual cloud formation sent in by Celestine, who claims it is a stargate.’   Listen to her explanation and you decide wtf! Thanks, and enjoy!

Stargate in Cloud by Celestine Star


State of the Future Interview with NASA-trained Quantum Astronaut Christopher Altman and Kate Russell

Listen Now to Christopher Altman and Kate Russell

Happy New Year to you all! — We’re off to a fine start with our guests this week, NASA-trained quantum astronaut Christopher Altman (Facebook) and his muse, Kate Kie Russell, a professional model and actress, serendipity spark, technology catalyst, conference and events coordinator, DJ, host and emcee. Kate is fluent in Japanese, and a talented icebreaker into the vast, unexplored terrain of “Deep Future” thinking. 

On this show we explore such erudite topics as breakthroughs in CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, Open AI, magnetic thorium nuclear plasma drives for deep space exploration, the Tau Zero Foundation pioneering interstellar flight, quantum entanglement/teleportation, multidisciplinary research institute Starlab, outer space and inner space, open source vs secrecy, and a myriad of other future trends making their way to the present. Enjoy!