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Future News - Report on the Nano World's Fair, Cora - Google's Autonomous Flying Taxi, Twitter's Fast Traveling Fake Stories, Believable Fake Videos and their impact on us all, the End of Scarcity  

Listen Now to Future News 3.13.2018

We had a blast at the Nano World’s Fair in San Francisco last weekend and for the first part of the show share with you some of our highlights, from the speakers to the tech and food on display. It would have been nice to see Google’s new autonomous flying taxi, Cora, at the fair!

And this week, with a new report on how fake news spreads on Twitter, and the advent of what are known as “Deep Fake” videos, we have a lively conversation with call-ins, including VR Avatar pioneer Greg Panos, on what it all means for the future of news, especially. Enjoy!

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