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Future News - Secret Cargo of the Israeli Lunar Lander, Crew Dragon now at ISS, Old Venusian Spaceship about to Crash on Earth, Bill Graff on Electric Car Battery Swapping, John Liu and Ellen Farmer on California Ecosystem Restoration Council, Night Vision with eyes only, Project Deep Squeek, Dinosaurs and Volcanoes 

Listen Now to Future News 3.06.2019

Lot of good stories this week, with two segments dedicated to ecosystem restoration, a topic close to our hearts, featuring global ecologist John Liu and Ellen Farmer, hosting the California Ecosystem Restoration Council, an open event coming up March 22-24.  

Changeable batteries for electric cars are a big topic this week as well, as are communications breakthroughs with other species, such as rodents in Project Deep Squeak, honeybees performing addition and subtraction, and new clues in the demise of the dinosaurs. Enjoy!


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