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Future News - Virgin Galactic Takes First Passenger to Space, Israeli Lander On its Way to the Moon, Space X Dragon Capsule ready to head to ISS, Space Roasting Coffee, Dr. Bruce Damer on Japan's Hayabusa2 Asteroid Collection Mission, Turning CO2 back into Coal, SLV Citizen Scientist Students Report on Health of San Lorenzo River.  

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Some fun space news this week, as we have the first passenger to fly on Virgin Galactic. True, Beth Moses works for the company but still, she wasn’t a pilot or co-pilot, but as astronaut instructor, will be the guide for the first paying passengers about what to expect on their first flight out of the Earth’s atmosphere. We have Dr. Bruce Damer tell us what’s happening with Hayabusa2, the Japanese flight to an asteroid, and it’s efforts to capture some dust and bring it back to Earth for study.  Dr. Bruce tells us why this is exciting and important.

And we finish the show with San Lorenzo Valley Middle School science teacher Rachel Hager hosting a group of SLV students at our KSCO studios, where we discuss with them their efforts to test the San Lorenzo River for potential toxins and pollution.  Our young citizen scientists give us a great report and we look forward to sharing it with you! Enjoy.

Our crew of citizen scientists after delivering their report to us.

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