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Interview - CEO of EV Share, Eduardo Muñoz, and his Clean Green Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem for Solving Traffic Congestion

Listen Now to Eduardo Muñoz

Eduardo Muñoz is a man with a vision, and a grand plan that just might change the way we move from one place to another, especially when it comes to commuting to our workplaces and back home.

If Eduardo and Eduardo Munoz, CEO of EV Sharehis partners have their way, we’ll soon be traveling via fleets of fully autonomous solar-charged electric robot cars, relaxing or doing work instead of driving,  while the computer handles the road.  The beta test will be the highly congested two hour commute from California’s affordable Central Valley to Bay Area workplaces in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  If all goes according to plan and EV Share’s impending $150 million ICO, you will be able to hop aboard these green robo-cabs by this time next year! Enjoy.

L-R Eduardo Munoz, Giselle Bisson, Mrs. Future, Dr. Future, Miguel Angel Bravo


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