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Interview with Jim Funaro on Anthropological Perspectives of Today's World and the Upcoming Contact Conference

Listen Now to Jim Funaro

Since 1983 Jim Funaro has hosted what is known as The Contact Conference, an interdisciplinary conference Anthropologist JIm Funarowhich brings together some of the foremost international social and space scientists, science fiction writers and artists to exchange ideas stimulate new perspectives and encourage serious creative speculation about humanity future, both onworld and offworld.

It has become a highly creative gathering of future thinkers on this planet.  We talk to Jim about some of the highlights of pastContact Conference April 1-3 2016 Domain Hotel Sunnyvale, CA conferences, and his thoughts on how our current worldly issues, like terrorism and cultural assimilation, might be evolved from he has learned..and oh yes, and just for fun we talk about alien sex, drugs, and technology.  Enjoy!


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