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News & Views - 50th Anniversary of Can You Pass the Acid Test? Hacker ISIS Trolling Day, Death by Rollercoaster, Fish Emotions, Secrets & Lies & a Search Engine

Listen Now to News & Views 12.08.2015

Santa Cruz was abuzz with the still living Merry Pranksters for the 50th Anniversary of the very first acid test this weekend, with some amazing parties. Quite amazing, from which we’ll be posting some video shortly.

Our callers largely shaped the scope and content of today’s news segment, as we discussed the latest plans of the hacker group, Anonymous, and their plans for an ISIS Trolling Day, a plan for a roller coaster that kills with ecstatic experience, evidence that fish may feel, a new search engine that spawned some discussion on secrets and lies, an AI lie detector, and some talk about the memes we kick around on talk radio related to religion. Enjoy!


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