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Guest - Dr. Bruce Damer with live music by Jim Matus and Galen Brandt

Listen Now to Dr. Bruce Damer

Dr. Bruce Damer shares with us some of his experiences of late, including a major ‘schmooze cruize’ in the Carribean, Summit at Sea, with thousands of notable ‘influencers’, such as tech entrepreneur Uber CEO TravisDr. Bruce Damer photo- Reno DeCaro Kalanick and Google chairman Eric Schmidt to Martha Stewart. We also explore the highlights of an innovative tech conference we all visited in Silicon Valley recently,, and discuss this week’s New Tech Meetup in Santa Cruz, where Bruce will be speaking on his asteroid capture project. 

To bring some holiday cheer to this broadcast, we have Jim Matus and Galen Brandt in studio to end the show with some beautiful music, an original composition with Jim’s unique stringed instrument, the Laoutar. 


Galen Brandt and Jim Matus photo - Reno DeCaro

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