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Guest - Dr. Bruce Damer with live music by Jim Matus and Galen Brandt

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Dr. Bruce Damer shares with us some of his experiences of late, including a major ‘schmooze cruize’ in the Carribean, Summit at Sea, with thousands of notable ‘influencers’, such as tech entrepreneur Uber CEO TravisDr. Bruce Damer photo- Reno DeCaro Kalanick and Google chairman Eric Schmidt to Martha Stewart. We also explore the highlights of an innovative tech conference we all visited in Silicon Valley recently,, and discuss this week’s New Tech Meetup in Santa Cruz, where Bruce will be speaking on his asteroid capture project. 

To bring some holiday cheer to this broadcast, we have Jim Matus and Galen Brandt in studio to end the show with some beautiful music, an original composition with Jim’s unique stringed instrument, the Laoutar. 


Galen Brandt and Jim Matus photo - Reno DeCaro


Future News - iPad Pro Launches, Google's Open Source AI, Programmable Matter, Faraday Future Electric Car Startup, The Original Electric vs Gas Tech Bubble, Meta1 Space glasses, Galen Brandt Writes and Sings new Song for Us on Birthday.  

Listen Now to Future News 11.10.2015

It’s an exciting week in tech with the release of the long awaited iPad Pro, and Google’s open source artifical intelligence system, Tensor Flow.  Nice name, but it doesn’t ‘flow’ like Siri.  Nontheless it is available for anyone to pick up and start developing, a great thing.  

Also of note is a new electric car company, Faraday Futures, based out of Gardena, CA, and considered by many as China’s answer to Tesla, as it is backed by Chinese tech billionaire, Jia Yueting, China’s 17th richest person. 

This week we take a speculative look and what is arguably the first tech bubble, the time electricity and electric companies were battling it out with gas suppliers, back in the 1870’s.  An interesting historical perspective on new markets and competition. 

Galen Brandt and husband Bruce DamerAnd beyond our planning for today’s show, we get a call from Nikki in Monterey, who is a Meta1 Space Glasses developer.  We learn a bit about the new Meta 1 Augmented Reality system from her, as well as AR in general.

Then a special visit to the KSCO studios by friend and Virtual Reality healing pioneer, Galen Brandt, on her birthday! She shares with us a new song, written on this day, in honor of us and her husband (and regular Dr. Future guest, Dr. Bruce Damer).   Sometimes, all it takes to make a good show is a few good friends. Enjoy!


TV on Internet, CES, and Virtual Healing with Galen Brandt

Dr. Future Jan 11th, 2011 

In the first hour we tackle the new gadgets pouring in from the Consumer Electronics Show, including an update on how to think about receiving television  these days, given the new options offered via the internet.  We also chat about the grand opening of Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum.

In the second hour we interview singer songwriter, virtual healer,  Galen Brandt, who brilliantly entertains and educates us about the potentials of virtual worlds in treating phobias, pain control, and autism.