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Future News - Huge Venusian Gravity Wave, Space X Success, Airbus Makes Flying Car, Swami Beyondananda on Politics, Greg Panos and Richard Cray on the Consumer Electronics Show

Listen Now to The Dr. Future Show 1.17.2017

We have a jam-packed show for you, with special guest Swami Beyondananda helping us to see beyond the inauguration, thanks to his being struck by enlightening during a brainstorm. If you like the Swami’s
perspective,  whose favorite yoga pose is tongue-in-cheek, he will be performing in Aptos, CA this coming Friday, January 20, inauguration day. Let’s start this new cycle with some humor!  

And to bring us up to date on the latest and greatest gadgets of our time, we have a report from free-lancers Greg Panos and Richard Cray, who were on the scene of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas.  Attended by over 200,000 people, CES the the premiere place to see what’s new and what’s cool in the world of virtual reality,  autonomous cars, drones, and smart underwear.   Enjoy the show!



Future News - CES Update, The Mercedes-Benz Autonomous 'Livingroom', Dawn Spacecraft Awakens as it Approaches dwarf water planet Ceres, Are your cats cheating on you?, U2 UFOs, New Truth About AI, Reality Hacker Show?

Listen Now to Future News 1.06.15

Lots of stories to share this week, with our radio active crew of John Monahan and Marian Sun McNamee, aka Mrs. Future. For starters, the Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing right now, with a whole pavilion dedicated to Drones,  another to 3D printers, another to cars,  personal transporters, etc.   Mercedes-Benz made a big splash by  debuted their new autonomous concept car at CES, bascially  a vision of the traveling living room, not unlike a luxurious train cabin. In their protoype car, driving is an option, and all seats are fully 360 degree rotatable. As Charlie pointed out to me at the beginning of today’s show, “in the early days of automobiles, the driver was on the outside of the cab.”  And stage coaches before that.  And flying carpets before that. Well, maybe not, but you know what I mean. So, a mobile social space? Sounds good!

The recent release of the heavily redacted CIA  report on the U2 and SR-71 spyplane is also quite fascinating, delving deeply into the top secret  world of the Cold War,   the scintillating history of aerial surveillance,  the creation of our  amazing  spy planes and a compelling expanation for  many UFO sitings by pilots. (Blue book officials were not allowed to divulge info of U2 and SR-71 flight paths).

We also discuss a different way to view  Artificial Intelligence, as suggested by Ray Kurzweil in a recent article in Time.   Fear the machine?.   Good luck with that..

Mercedes-Benz F 015: An Autonomous “Living Room On Wheels”



News- Consumer Electronics Show Download, Transgenic Pigs to the Rescue

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 1.07.14

This is the week of the great Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where the future of our favorite new gadgets, tools and toys is often revealed.  We share a few of our favorites with you so far..We especially love the new 3D printers being revealed, and there is a crop circle worth mentioning…


TV on Internet, CES, and Virtual Healing with Galen Brandt

Dr. Future Jan 11th, 2011 

In the first hour we tackle the new gadgets pouring in from the Consumer Electronics Show, including an update on how to think about receiving television  these days, given the new options offered via the internet.  We also chat about the grand opening of Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum.

In the second hour we interview singer songwriter, virtual healer,  Galen Brandt, who brilliantly entertains and educates us about the potentials of virtual worlds in treating phobias, pain control, and autism.


The Birds, Fish, Optical Alchemy and Canine Intelligence

Dr.Future Jan 4th, 2011

The first Dr. Future show of the year features a really useful blood test, analysis of the birds falling en masse from the sky, an amazing new iPad App, Dog tech, CES expectations, Stem cell breakthroughs, Rudy Rucker blog, robots, and Agent Nada’s sexy commercial.