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Lunar Rocks under study, Google's Mars on Earth Streetview, Taylor Barcroft on Apple's latest announcements, Canine empathy with owners, Geoengineering a cooler Earth 

Listen now to the Dr.Mrs. Future Show 3.26.2019

Our Bay area scientists will literally have a field day this summer as they get their hands on some moon rocks, cyrogenically stored from the Apollo 17 mission of 1972 to the moon. And now the most Mars-like environment on Earth, Canada’s remote Devon Island, can be explored on Street View, thanks to Google.

The big news this week are all the announcements from Apple, especially their foray into entertainment and finance, with their very own credit system. With the help of our Apple analyst Taylor Barcroft, we take a closer look at what’s up in the Apple universe. Mrs. Future gives a little background on digital money and where it might be going, we look at some research in canine empathy, and a geoengineering proposal for cooling the planet.  Lots to think about this week, enjoy!