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Future News - Space X Double Success, Crypto China Currency, Google and Avis, Apple and Hertz, Amazon Drone Hive, SST Boom, The Museum of Failure  

Listen Now to Future News 2017.06.28

A busy exciting news week with Space X achieving a double success, a new Colorado aerospace player, Boom, creating a supersonic transport, Avis and Hertz entering the autonomous vehicle arena, a new museum celebrating failure, Amazon’s plans for drone depots resembling bee hives in imajor metropolitan area, all presented by the Futures in our inimitabe engaging manner.  Enjoy!

Boom SST will travel at Mach 2.2 and carries 55 passengers


Future News- Autonomous Vehicle Update, MaraPharm Futures, Making Space Great Again

Listen Now to Future News 12.20.2016

It’s been a big week in the autonomous car world, with Uber testing in SF, Chevy’s Bolt being readied for an autonomous future on the assembly line, Fiat/Chrysler prepping 100 minivans for Google’s auto car tech, and Blackberry committing to embedded self-driving vehicle software development.  This world is moving fast!

Not to be outdone, the cannabis entrepreneurs are busy too, notably MaraPharm in Las Vegas, as they explore not just the US but Canadian markets.. Exciting times ahead!

And then there is outer space, and how to present the excitement of space to our president elect. A tall order, but a good one!  Happy Holidays, and enjoy the show!

Dr. and Mrs. Future with station engineer Billy Graf wishing you a great holiday season!



Future News - Lyft Claims Autonomous Fleet in 5 Years, DARPA Surveillence Drone Plans, Ancient Skeleton from Antikythera Mechanism's Greek Ship Wreck, Taylor Barcroft on Latest Apple Watch iPhone 7.

Listen Now to Future News 9.20.2016

Autonomous vehicles take another leap forward with Lyft’s embrace the technnology, following in the footsteps of Uber and Google. Meanwhile DARPA plans better drone surveillance technologies..and an ancient skeleton was found in the Greek ship wreck that was the home of the fabled Antikythera mechanism, the most ancient computer type mechanism ever built.

Our all things Apple guy, Taylor Barcroft makes an appearance this week to update us on the new iPhone 7 and the newest Apple Watch, both sporting some significant advances.  Enjoy..


an X-Ray of the ancient Antikythera Mechanism


Future News- Uber Aggressively invests in Autonomous Vehicles and Automotive Security, New Solution to Black Hole Mystery, SCUBA like Tricorder Developed, Microbes Implicated in Mass Planetary Extinction Event, Joe Firmage's Radical Plan to Simplify the Internet 

Listen Now to Future News 9.01.2015

Welcome to September and more Future News now! What’s happening? The autonomous vehicle world heats up, Hawking offers new insights into how Black Holes may handle information, a hot new medical ‘tricorder’ makes it debut, Joe Firmage gets ready to debut a revolutionary way to evolve the internet, artifical leaves create biofuel for our machines…the unusual but expected future for the likes of us, and that is a great thing!

In our history of the future department, the story of the week revolves around the largest of this planet’s five mass planteary extinctions, the end-Permian extinction, 252 million years ago.  Three independent sets of evidence suggest that microbes were the culprit in completely changing the nature of the climate and ocean chemistry of this planet, with a little help from volcanoes. A fascinating story which we delve into in this report. Enjoy!



Dr. Future News - The Future of Work, Tweeting Earthquakes, Superorganism, 3D Printer Games, Driverless California

Listen now to Dr. Future News 9.11.12


Aah, back from Burning Man with minds inspired,  and time to share with you some exciting new stories.

 “The Future of Work” is a deep topic, which we begin to explore with this show; hopefully we will spark a few neurons in you on this most important subject.  A new use for Twitter has surfaced - tracking earthquakes as they occur in realtime!  Seems like they can do this faster than the official USGS sensors…go figure.

Hmmm, lesseee, human powered sensors that let us know about Earth changes now..This brings up the context of humanity reorganizing itself via the global brain forming, thanks to the internet, and beyond the brain, the species super organism.  

There is a specific pattern being uncovered at the leading edges of biological science that reveals the steps by which fragmented pieces of cosmic material coalesce into single cells, which evolve into unified organisms with highly differentiated and synergistic subsystems, vital to the well-being of the whole. The next natural step in the development of humanity is to become an increasingly cooperative and dynamically integrated superorganism.

This is a deep topic, which we touch upon in this show, and would love your input on this process.. For a little background on this theory, check out:

Meanwhile, 3D printers are making headway in the game development world, especially board games, and driverless cars are on a fast track now in California, as well as Nevada.