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Massive Botnet Attack Analysis and Protections, WeCo Startup Allows Global Collaborations, Big Solar Storm, Mars Colony plans,Little Lies Big Lies

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 10.25.2016

What can we do when our personal security cameras, web-enabled refrigerators and coffepots are used to attack others as part of a coordinated botnet hoard?  Bobby Wilder calls in to help us sort this one out. 

Looking to collaborate with others on projects that are meaningful to you?  Soon you will be able to do so on WeCo, a new social network designed to help faciliate such actions, launching November 8th in test mode. We chat with Simon Swerdlow, an Belurisian Internet Entrepreneur in Florida to find out more about his network.

We then delve into a G-3 Class Solar storm unfolding now, more details of Elon Musk’s Martian colonization plans, take a couple of calls regarding a recent interview with Ringo Starr regarding the alleged substitution replacement of Paul McCartney in the 1960’s, and new research into how small lies become big ones. Enjoy!