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It's Boxing Day in the Commonwealth and We are Out and About, Celebrating this Grand Tradition. Meanwhile Bruce Lipton, James Gleick and John Grady will keep you perky with their memes.

Listen Now to Boxing Day Show 2017

In Canada, England, Australia, and other such English enclaves there thrives a holiday not usually celebrated in the US. And yes, that is Boxing Day, where essentially you spend the day hopping from one friend’s house to another, cadtching up on the last year with each other.  That that we have instant video/phone/text  social media of all sorts, it seems rather quaint a tradition.  But I tell you, there’s nothing like actually hanging out with friends and family, doing fun things together.

With that in mind, while we are out and about we will share with you some of our favorite guests in this last year.  First is Dr. Bruce Lipton, with whom we are sharing a passion for VIrtual Reality and its ability to help explore who we are as sentient biological organisms on Planet Earth. And to get a deeper reflection into the nature of Time itself, we present science journalist James Gleick and his new book on the history of Time Travel. And then taking things back to the realms of health, we presnet you with our very own Dr. John Grady who, with several other renaissance healers, has opened a local healing clinic in Santa Cruz, replete with Stem Cell treatments of all kinds, and other cutting edge therapies. Just wow!  Enjoy!