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Interview with Science Author/Journalist James Gleick on his book "Time Travel a history." And later space artist Don Davis shares his adventures of the "Great American Eclipse of 2017."

Listen Now about Time Travel with James Gleick

Did you ever want to travel into the past to meet historic people or see momentous events, like Lindbergh Science Author/Journalist James Gleick crossing the Atlantic for the first time by plane? Or perhaps a trip to the future, where there is easy travel to other planets and cures for deadly diseases?  Famed science journalist James Gleick is our guest this week to discuss the idea of time travel and how it has evolved since H.G. Well’s classic tome “The Time Machine,” first published in 1894.  It’s a fun topic with deep implications and amazing possibilities.  Quantum physicist Nick Herbert calls in with some great input as well, having written a book on faster than light travel.

In the second hour we field several callers fascinated with time and timeThe Time Traveler travel, including publisher Cat Miller, sharing her love for the movie  “Somewhere in Time” and anecdotal stories on speeding up time.  We also hear form Space Artist Don Davis on his adventures covering the “Great American Eclipse of 2017.” Enjoy!


Guest- Jai Hudes and his whirl wind Traveler's Time Capsule Tour.

Listen Now to Jai Hudes

Another cosmic adventure besides the Magic Love Bus this Spring is the Awareness Portal Tour and Game eXperience, orgininating from our very own Jai Hudes and his wife Shanti, in Ben Lomond, CA.  They will be visiting enclaves in North America of people playing “X The Game” .  Track them as they begin what they describe as,

“An Epic Journey Traveling 10,000 Miles to 44 Cities in 56 Days
To Open Up 44 Portals of Higher Awareness in Local Communities
And Share Powerful Tools of Empowerment To Make a Difference Now!”


In this segment, Jai describes the tour, which includes communications with Dolphins, and demonstrates X the Game on Dr. Future.  

We then explore a few other strange Dr. Future stories, like the new Galactic Positioning System, Smart Sand, and the Tacocopter.