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Future News - Coffee Deemed a healthy drink, Ceres gets her Closeup, Birth of Planet Captured (and it's a gas), Asteroid Hunters Activate new Telescope, Evidence Asteroids are remnants of five destroyed worlds, NASA cracking down on Planet Contaminaters.

Listen Now to Future News 7.03.2018

Adding to our news commentary this week, we have Gabrielle Cianfrani in the studio, a long time friend and science geek visiting us from the Atlantic City area of New Jersey.  And serendiptious it is that coffee is in the news and Gabrielle has a coffee roasting business in NJ!  We  think you’ll enjoy our commentary  on cofee and  the other stories this week, like the mountains of sodium bicarobonate on Ceres.

A New Planet Seen Forming 370 Light Years from Earth



Future News - Ceres Bright Spots Revealed, Refocusing NASA, Breakthrough Batteries, Creating Silicon Based Life Forms via Directed Evolution, New Theory on Speed of Light

Listen Now to Future News 11.29.2016

This week we delve into the mystery of the Ceres bright spots, with a little help from our NASA space probe, Dawn, we look at what it means for NASA under the Trump administration, creating silicon-based life forms via the process of ‘directed evolution,’ and a new theory about how the speed of light may have been faster during the early days of the Big Bang! Plus a concerned caller, worried about thugs appointed in the Federal government. Enjoy!




Future News - Maker Faire 2015, AOL/Verizon merger, Ceres Mystery Lights update, Autonomous Car Accidents, an in-game Death Sentence for Hacker, Armed Forces Operation Jade Helm, with special guest mediamakers Shannon and Brett Leonard

Listen Now to Future News 5.12.2015

Lots of juicy Future News this week, and to help us with commentary we have mediamakers Brett Leonard in the studio!  We look at the implications of the AOL/Verizon merger, the latest on the strange lights from dwarf planet Ceres, the interesting world of autonomous cars and the latest reported accidents from Google, the new amazing Occulus VR head gear and how media interpenetrates our experience of reality, death in Cyberspace, and the very curious massive US domestic military operation, Jade Helm, coming this summer.. Enjoy the show!

U.S. Military Operation Jade Helm