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From Derision and Conflict to Teamwork, Creativity and Choice Creation - Reframing How We Operate, with Jim Rough and Corrina McFarlane

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For all of this century and the decade before, Jim Rough has been pioneering ways to make things better for us all. How does he makes things better?  His life’s work revolves around a process he is calling “Dynamic Facilitation,” which, when implemented, creates UNITY around issues or problems we find in our homes, communities, towns, and countries.  

Corrina McFarlane has been applying Dynamic Facilitation processes to local issues in Santa Cruz County, such as what to do with our 32-mile long abandoned railway corridor, where some folks want a new train while others want to turn the track into a pedestrian/bike path. Seeming disparate positions on the corridor’s future, yet…

On this show we speak with Jim and Corrina about such means of creating unity on difficult issues or  situations, and we do our best to illuminate the paradigm shift that this group facilitation is creating. Enjoy!

L-R Jim Rough, Dr.Mrs.Future, Corrina McFarlane





Interview with Ryan Sarnataro and Corrina McFarlane on Adventuring with Disabled and Santa Cruz's 32-mile "Rail to Trail" project.

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Local illuminaries and power couple Ryan Sarantaro and Corrine McFarlane share with us two of their projects, global adventuring with Inka, a friend with a serious spinal cord injuries, and a plan to convert an abandoned 32 mile stretch of railway, from Davenport through Santa Cruz to Watsonville, into a bike/pedestrian trail.  Enjoy!