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Future News - Bruce Damer on Wesley Clark's deep cyber legacy, McAfee Blasts FBI requests of Apple, Infinite Eternal Memory System Created,Minibrains as new lab rat, Athlete VR training 

Listen Now to Future News 2.23.2016

Sadly one of the great minds of personal computing, Wesley Clark, passed this week.  We have Dr. Bruce Damer to share with us a little about the life and legacy of this great man. Before he passed he helped to restore one of his great inventions, the LINC computer, the first machine designed for a single operator.  This historical working minicomputer now resides at the Digibarn in Boulder Creek, CA. 

In the world of biotech, we have a new kind of lab rat for testing drugs and therapies, a quivering orb of human brain cells, minibrains grown from your own skin cells.  Quite amazing. Equally incredible is a new computer memory system that can store information for billions of years, insuring our legacy as a species far beyond even the age of the planet itself.  Why is this important? Civilization backup possibilities, avoidance of dark ages in our future evolution, immortality for our progress for futue societies. Fascinating stuff this week, enjoy!

Computer pioneer Wesley Clark with his Brooklyn pipe


Mars Lander Mashup Video, Digibarn exhibit at the MAH, SciFi version of Shakespeare's Pericles, Durian Sex Cult

We combined the animation of the Martian Lander, Curiosity, with actual footage from the craft, as it lands on Mars:

Starting this Friday, the illustrious Digibarn will present the history of the Macintosh computer, with an exhibit at the MAH (Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History).  Dr. Bruce Damer gives us a preview..

Listen to Dr. Damer now..

Also of interest this week is the Shady Shakespeare’s performance of Pericles, a brilliantly original, funny, yet gripping performance of the master’s classic play.  Check it out by all means and though we were not allowed to film the play itself, we do have a video preview of the preshow, the Shady Shakespeare cast doing the Time Warp!   

Shady Shakespeare Company does the Time Warp!


We have also just finished at edit of a performance at Heart Kiss 2012 of the Durian Sex Cult, a new dance troupe in Santa Cruz.  In the following piece, 

 “The supreme Shiva is seduced by the divine Shakti with a little help from the magical powers of  the Durian fruit..”

Shiva is played by Santa Cruz’s own Corey Pooley



Intentions and Predictions for 2011

Dr. Future Dec. 28th, 2010  

This week we share our intentions and predictions for the coming year with you and our popular regular guest, Bruce Damer.  We share some fun thoughts and info on robot cars, finding earth’s twin, country startups, top new jobs, powerful tweets, the size of your amygdala, emotional computers, shrinking brains, most popular nerd jokes, and the mysterious cognitive function known as ‘chronesthesia.’

Happy New Year from us all!