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Falcon Heavy Success, 'Biggest Little Farm' Film Review, Carrington Event discussion,Fred McPherson memorial, The 'Late Heavy Bombardment' may not have happened, Vast Reservoir of Fresh Water Found off of East Coast, Updates on Libra, the new Facebook Crypto and on Disclosure Fest in LA.

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Big news this week with Space X and the Falcon Heavy launch. Very successful in launching all 24 payloads, and Giant aquifer seen in yellow hatched areas, with triangles representing survey expeditions.capturing 3 out 4 recoverable components! Mrs. Future raves about the indy film Biggest Little Farm, about an urban couple that moves to the country and creates a diversified organic farm outside of LA. Bobby Wilder calls in to comment on several stories, including the massive fresh water aquifer off the US east coast and we chat about the significance of the new Facebook cryptocurrency, Libra.  Ed Ellsworth checks in about Disclosure Fest, a summer festival this last weekend in LA. Enjoy!

Falcon Heavy Launch with 24 payloads, launched 6.24.2019


On the Dolphin Trail with Ed Ellsworth

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There are few peope I’ve known that have worked so extensively with dolphins, especially in the context of research and in introducing people to the species.

He was a Dolphin Researcher with Dr. John C. Lilly and the Human/Dolphin Foundation, in California. He was a Humpback Whale Naturalist with EarthTrust, narrating whale watching trips in Maui. He has led dolphin trips and workshops in the Bahamas for the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Ed founded The Dolphin Network, and published Dolphin Net, an educational newsletter, publicizing the plight of captive dolphins and campaigns about dolphins dying in tuna nets. He also led dolphin trips and workshops in the Florida Keys, Bahamas and Hawaii.  And today he leads us into their world..