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Future News - Exploring Pyramids without Digging, More Energy through GMO Viruses, The Universe is a Child, Harvesting Heat as Electricity, Robot Swims and Flies Like Puffin, Foam Batteries, Cometary Extinctions, Bill Gates invests $2 Billion in Green Tech. 

Listen Now to Future News 10.27.2015

The tools for exploring Egyptian Pyramids have just gotten more sophisticated and non-invasive, MIT researchers have created a virus that gives us more energy, our universe is still very young, making us all Using computer-generated light patterns, researchers were able to control the direction of spiraling electrical waves in heart cells. (credit: Eana Park)early players at the party of life, optogenetics allow us to control the heart beat via light, a new robot both flies and swims like a Puffin, Gates makes the case for Green Tech investment by both private enterprise and government R & D. Lots of great news this week, enjoy!