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Maker Faire Download, Mystery Star Weirdness, Bright Earth Flashes, Inherited Intelligence Study, Water Shed Ranger Kids in the Studio with a report 

Listen Now to The Dr.Future Show 5.23.2017

It’s been a big week for us, with our Maker Faire show on  KSCO’s Saturday Special with us and Michael Zwerling, currently on Youtube, with live video! And this week, we have some great stories from deep space, the ISS in Earth orbit, and ice particles in the upper atomosphere.

And in the last half hour of today’s show we have the WaterShed Rangers in the studio, 6th grade students from the San Lorenzo Valley Middle School, with their science teacher, Rachael Hager, and Mollie Behn, from the city of Santa Cruz’s Water Shed Council, who is director of the Watershed Rangers education programs for Santa Cruz County schools.

The kids give us a little health report on our beloved watershed, performing quite well on the radio, even though it is their first time on the air. Much thanks to Rachael and Mollie for making this happen and gratitude to the children for their efforts in researching and explaining the health of our watershed to us.  Enjoy!

 The Watershed Rangers and Teachers in the Studio!