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Maker Faire Download, Mystery Star Weirdness, Bright Earth Flashes, Inherited Intelligence Study, Water Shed Ranger Kids in the Studio with a report 

Listen Now to The Dr.Future Show 5.23.2017

It’s been a big week for us, with our Maker Faire show on  KSCO’s Saturday Special with us and Michael Zwerling, currently on Youtube, with live video! And this week, we have some great stories from deep space, the ISS in Earth orbit, and ice particles in the upper atomosphere.

And in the last half hour of today’s show we have the WaterShed Rangers in the studio, 6th grade students from the San Lorenzo Valley Middle School, with their science teacher, Rachael Hager, and Mollie Behn, from the city of Santa Cruz’s Water Shed Council, who is director of the Watershed Rangers education programs for Santa Cruz County schools.

The kids give us a little health report on our beloved watershed, performing quite well on the radio, even though it is their first time on the air. Much thanks to Rachael and Mollie for making this happen and gratitude to the children for their efforts in researching and explaining the health of our watershed to us.  Enjoy!

 The Watershed Rangers and Teachers in the Studio!


Future News- Review of Maker Faire with VR pundit Greg Panos, Richard Cray, and Drone Racer Zoe Stumbaugh

Listen to Future News 5.24.2016

The KSCO studio was full today with visitors, all of whom participated in adding valuable comments to our most interesting topics.  All our guests had been at last weekend’s epic Bay Area Maker Faire, from which we drew content for much of the show. We also delved a bit into politics, given that this is a major election year, and after all, we are on talk radio.  For that segment we even got a call from Republican Jerry Law, running for a U.S. Senate position this year in California. 

For the last segment of the show we bring on Zoe Stumbaugh, who is the first woman to make the Drone Nationals this year!  We talk about the latest amazing track design, debuted at the Maker Faire, and the future of drone racing as a career path.  A very dynamic and exciting show this week, enjoy!

Foreground-Richard Cray, rear L-R Greg Panos, Al Lundell, Sun Lundell (Dr. Mrs. Future)


Future News - Maker's have Major Fun while Media Titans Consolidate and MIA tells a Cautionary Tale of Hope

Yes, the Maker Faire happened last weekend, and the Bay Area was out in force, showing off everything from the latest in 3D printers to the Game of Drones and El Pulpo Mechanico!
And really, what’s up with AT&T buying DirecTV?  We have a unique take on that proposed merger.  And then there is the transgenic pig revolution to consider as well…
And in terms of pop culture, we’ve noticed how some of our favorite memes have been expressed in a new music video by MIA, in a cautionary almost scary way, but cool… Check it out!

Dr. Future News - Space X Dragon at ISS, Facebook IPO, Maker Faire, Eclipse, The Tyranny of Data caps, the latest in Augmented Reality

Listen Now to Dr. Future News, Maker Faire update,  and the latest on Augmented reality with guests Gregory Panos, Richard Cray, and young Ciaran Farley.  


Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin, sporting the lastest Augmented Reality prototype from Google’s Project Glass.


2012 Maker Faire Interviews

Dr. & Mrs. Future had a chance to visit the Maker Faire in San Mateo this weekend and bring you a few interviews with the creators of some amazing new projects and services.


Curious about bioCurious, the Bay Area’s first public biolab? Find out more from Kristina Hathaway, a co-founder of the lab.


Making bili lights for premie babies at the Maker Faire.  Find out more from Tim Z Falconer, the founder of this project to save young lives.


Meet creator Eric Rosenbaum and hear the Banana Keyboard Instrument at Makey Makey

 Inventor Dezso Molnar tells us about the Molnari GT, a flying motocycle helicopter.

Hear creator of the folding kayak, Anton Willis talk about his innovative design.