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The Futures with co-host Gabrielle Cianfrani and guest Daniel Kottke. Project Starlink, Cloning Grumpy Cat, Doggo open source robot, Great Organic Coffee, Volcanoes vs Humans in Climate Change, andDan Kottke on the next big thing (Web Things) and early Apple/Steve Jobs stories.  

Listen Now to The Future Show with Gaby and Dan 5.21.2019

Really fun show with “Jersey Girl” co-host Gabrielle Cianfrani and Daniel Kottke, Silicon Valley Apple pioneer. We Dan speaks of creating a smart house without having to connect to the big data collectors, like Google, Apple, and Amazon, using Mozilla’s latest architecture, and a plan with Steve Jobs to go to Antarctica before Apple was started.. We also talk about  volcanos and climate change and direct communication with Nature. Enjoy!



Memorial Interview with Dan Kottke, Steve Jobs Best Friend

For KSCO’s Saturday Special we interviewed Dan Kottke, one of Steve Jobs oldest and dearest friends.  They met in college, took classes, explored the nature of reality in many ways, went to India together, and then worked on building Apple Computer, and later, the Macintosh.  At one point they had a falling out which was finally reconciled before Steve passed.  In this interview, Dan candidly shares with us some of his most significant times and moments with Steve, including their final encounter..
Daniel also revealed the other name they seriously considered besides “Apple.” Any guesses?  Clue- it’s not a fruit and, like Apple, the name has become a cyber legend..