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Dr. Future News - Dragon rules, selling your MP3's, the Astrocyte/Memory connection, Google's Billion Dollar Innovation giveaway, Steve Job Stories after One Year, Future of Movie Theaters, Dyson Spheres now be sought.

Dr. Future Show News 10.09.12

This week in the KOMY studio we discuss the Space X trip to the ISS, the legality of selling your MP3’s, Google’s Billion Dollar funding of Innovative Startups, untold stories of Steve Jobs on the first anniversary of his passing, the amazing Astrocytes in your brain,  the rise of Video on Demand, especially for Indie filmmmakers, current cryonic options for immortality, our extraterrestrial search for Dysan spheres, plus and sundry off hand topics and comments that muck with your belief system in a good way.  

The Dragon Capsule from Space-X docks with the International Space Station


Memorial Interview with Dan Kottke, Steve Jobs Best Friend

For KSCO’s Saturday Special we interviewed Dan Kottke, one of Steve Jobs oldest and dearest friends.  They met in college, took classes, explored the nature of reality in many ways, went to India together, and then worked on building Apple Computer, and later, the Macintosh.  At one point they had a falling out which was finally reconciled before Steve passed.  In this interview, Dan candidly shares with us some of his most significant times and moments with Steve, including their final encounter..
Daniel also revealed the other name they seriously considered besides “Apple.” Any guesses?  Clue- it’s not a fruit and, like Apple, the name has become a cyber legend..