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Future News - Parker Probe Fastest Human Object Ever, One Month For New Mars Lander, Scripts and Invidia Team up for the Genome, The Biggest Announcements from Apple 

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As the Parker Probe gets closer to the Sun, it has reached a speed of 153,000 mph, faster than any other human built object, and it’s just starting its mission.  And personalized medicine has gotten more sophisticated with the famed Scripts Institute teaming up with graphics leader Invidia in creating visuals and AI  for deeper understanding and manipulation of the human genome.

This week is also big for Apple fans, with announcements of new iPads and Macs, as well as some great software updates.  Our Apple agent, Taylor Barcroft is in the studio to bring you up-to-date! Enjoy..


Future News - Huge Solar Flares, After 8 Months Mars Crew Emerges from Hawaiian Volcano Habitat, Exploring the Dark Side of Venus, Taylor Barcroft on the latest Apple Offerings 

Listen Now to Future News 9.19.2017

Imagine being stuck in a small dome with 5 other people for 8 months, broken only by the occasional walk outside in your spacesuit.  A group of aspiring Martian explorers just finished such an adventure in Hawaii and will be sharing what they learned. Even with it’s lack of air and cold temperatures, Mars looks a lot more inviting than Venus, given the latest reports from the dark side of our sister planet via the Venus Express spacecraft from the European Space Agency.

And besides having avoided a big brush with disaster from massive solar flares, this last week hearalded the latest in Apple gadgets for us, more shiny machines on which to spend our hard earned currency.  Our Apple expert Taylor  Barcroft takes us into this Apple world of gleaming tech, celebrating 10 years of iPhones with the  iPhone X, their hot new flagship product! Stand by for facial recognition of all parts body.. Enjoy..




Dr. Future News - Sandy Storm Tech Topplings, Space X Success, Apple Dynasty Report on Forstall Firing, Psychology of Tetris, Windows 8 Debuts, Breaks on Fast Trading, Kids with computers and no Teachers

Dr. Future News 10.30.12

An exciting though somewhat devastating week, with Super Storm Sandy having a big influence on many, we nonetheless have a few interesting stories to share.  I particularly enjoyed hearing from iOS developer Mark Buchanon, who described the high Apple corporate shakeup as an American royality story, with lots of drama in the court… I also found the One Laptop Per Child experiment of simply leaving softward-loaded tablets in remote Ethiopian villages to be quite compelling, given how quickly the village children embraced the tools, even without teachers to show them the way..



MacHead Taylor Barcroft updates us on Apple's latest and greatest technology

Dr. Future News 6.12.12

With the advent of Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference) at Moscone Center in San Francisco, lots of changes are afoot in the Apple World.  To help us digest this plethora of info, we’ve invited major MacHead and pundit on all things Apple, Taylor Barcroft, into the studio. 



Memorial Interview with Dan Kottke, Steve Jobs Best Friend

For KSCO’s Saturday Special we interviewed Dan Kottke, one of Steve Jobs oldest and dearest friends.  They met in college, took classes, explored the nature of reality in many ways, went to India together, and then worked on building Apple Computer, and later, the Macintosh.  At one point they had a falling out which was finally reconciled before Steve passed.  In this interview, Dan candidly shares with us some of his most significant times and moments with Steve, including their final encounter..
Daniel also revealed the other name they seriously considered besides “Apple.” Any guesses?  Clue- it’s not a fruit and, like Apple, the name has become a cyber legend..