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Future News - Huge Solar Flares, After 8 Months Mars Crew Emerges from Hawaiian Volcano Habitat, Exploring the Dark Side of Venus, Taylor Barcroft on the latest Apple Offerings 

Listen Now to Future News 9.19.2017

Imagine being stuck in a small dome with 5 other people for 8 months, broken only by the occasional walk outside in your spacesuit.  A group of aspiring Martian explorers just finished such an adventure in Hawaii and will be sharing what they learned. Even with it’s lack of air and cold temperatures, Mars looks a lot more inviting than Venus, given the latest reports from the dark side of our sister planet via the Venus Express spacecraft from the European Space Agency.

And besides having avoided a big brush with disaster from massive solar flares, this last week hearalded the latest in Apple gadgets for us, more shiny machines on which to spend our hard earned currency.  Our Apple expert Taylor  Barcroft takes us into this Apple world of gleaming tech, celebrating 10 years of iPhones with the  iPhone X, their hot new flagship product! Stand by for facial recognition of all parts body.. Enjoy..




News- Google Nests, Flair for FLIR, Watson Branches Out, Facial Recog App, Asimov Predicts 2014

Listen Now to Future News - 1.14.14

Google buys home automation company Nest for $3.2 billion?  Hmmm…robots, voice recognition, home clouds, AI..where could this be going?  

Then there is the FLIR tech for your iPhone, capable of showing us the heat signature of everything around us. How useful is that?  FLIR is hoping that it’s $349 price tag is worth every penny..everyone from plumbers to rodent hunters to ghostbusters just might agree..

We also have a Consumer Electronic Show roundup of augmented and virtual technologies, thanks to Greg Panos, who was on the scene.

And this year, 2014, is 50 years since the famous scientist and scifi writer Issac Asimov predicted the future at the New York World’s Fair of 1964.  We discuss some of his predictions. We particularly like the long-lasting batteries that run on radioactive isotopes..not..still, others were more accurate.