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MacHead Taylor Barcroft updates us on Apple's latest and greatest technology

Dr. Future News 6.12.12

With the advent of Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference) at Moscone Center in San Francisco, lots of changes are afoot in the Apple World.  To help us digest this plethora of info, we’ve invited major MacHead and pundit on all things Apple, Taylor Barcroft, into the studio. 



Guest- Mac Head Pundit Taylor Barcroft Explores MacWorld Highlights with Us..

Listen Now Roundtable MacWorld 2.01.12

Known for his obsessive interest in all things Apple, Taylor Barcroft  is part of our round table sharing today on what was hot hot hot at Macworld.   Lots of cool stuff to lust after.  In this show we explore stuff like the wireless headphone concert, iRig the best mic for iPhone/Pad mobile podcasting, eyeballz, an iPad case  that likes to be dropped, the iPhone Film Fest, Glassless 3D, iPad 3 and iPhone 5 expectations.

Does Android stand a chance, or will robots take over the jobs of all?  We wax eloquently on all these touch points, and oh, one more thing….you’ll have to listen!

For more on Taylor, check out this classic Wired article on him