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Update on Artificial Intelligence with AI researchers Drs. Eliot Handelman, Andie Sigler and Casey X

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 2.21.2017

With all the talk these days about bringing jobs back to America, and Bill Gates talking about taxing robots, we catch up with our favorite Artificial Intelligence researchers from Canada. Drs. Eliot Handelman and Andie Sigler, with their Cartoon Network associate, Casey X, give us an update on their latest thinking about AI.  What do humans do if smart robots are doing all the work?  Eliot suggests our species become more focused on creativity, fostering the divine spark within us, something the robots cannot grasp or conceive of as yet. Andie suggests we see the rise of the machines as an extension rather than of foe of ourselves. The question of jobs and education is broached as well by Mrs. Future, who helps in the elucidatation of these topics with our erudite (and fun) guests. Enjoy!

L-R Casey X, Dr.Mrs. Future, Drs. Eliot Handelman, Andie Sigler


Future News and Discussion of Music and AI with Dr. Eliot Handelman and Andie Sigler

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 7.15.14

For this show we have broken with tradition and combined our news segment with the interview, by inviting the guests to be part of the news commentary.  Both Andie Sigler and Eliot Handelman are experienced with radio and we thought we’d take advanatage of that and their intelligence to create an interesting and dynamic show. 

We explore news items like an on/off switch for consciousness, a smart cam for fingers, and new radio bursts from beyond our galaxy. As far as the MIT vs McGill shananigans Eliot mentions…well…you decide..

For the second half, we focus on Eliot and Andie’s ongoing work with music and computers, especially the intersection of music and AI. A verfy dynamic conversation we where explore what is possible and what is pragmatically possible.  

The show was recorded live at a sunny loft in Montreal, Quebec, with visiting Casey James Basichis, a music composer for the Cartoon Network, brainstorming with Eliot and Andie on an AI music composer software project.




Music and Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Eliot Handelman and Andie Sigler

Listen Now to Eliot and Andie

Is it possible that we’ll soon have AIs that can compose brilliant music and teach us what they are doing?  That is the hope and aspiration of Eliot and Andie, researchers at McGill University and points beyond, as they explore the intersection of music and AI, in our dynamic discussion of this topic today. Their ‘Jack and Jill’ AI will also be personal, something available for your future smart phone, and will know your musical interests, proclivities and moods intimately.   Enjoy!



The Futures Interview with Biodiesel entrepreneur Ray Newkirk and Michael Smith on Biofuels and Music

Listen Now to Ray and Michael

Wait a minute, biofuel and music, ru kidding?  Nope, it all kinda flows, so to speak in this interview/jam session with Ray, Michael and the Futures..  With these guys, not only can you get green fuel for your diesel engines, but instruments and music for your heart and soul.  That’s our town for ya!  Full service station..

Check out Ray’s green station and their new Boulder Creek musical store and social club, opening to crowds this Saturday with a 12 hour party!

Entrepreneurs Michael Smith and Ray Newkirk on the Dr. Future Show


Guests- Dr. Eliot Handelman and Andie Sigler on the Intersection of Music and Artificial Intelligence

Listen Now to Eliot and Andie on Music and AI

You’ve heard of computers that can play chess, but how about creating music, original music so good that it seems to have been created by a master?  This is one of the holy grails in creating a true musical AI as envisioned by the dynamic partnership and quest of Eliot and Andie.  

© 2012 Jim Needham

They are exploring questions like, “Can an AI operate beyond the regurgitation and remembrance of musical patterns humans have already explored and discovered?” 

Trained at Princeton, Dr. Handelman sees AI as the ultimate art, because it can create an consciousness beyond any particular reference point.  A real freedom us biologicals, trapped in specific bodies and belief systems, can only dream of.. You can check out some of  their AI generated music here. 

“Art is the way we negotiate a boundary between ourselves and somebody else..
One day an AI can be an externalized social self…”
Come take a journey with us into the minds of musical AI scientists, as they dream up  new ways of thinking about intelligence that could impact us all..