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Interview - A group discussion on a new documentary film, "From Shock to Awe," about veterans with PTSD and their healing journeys with ayahuasca, MDMA and cannabis.  

Listen Now to discussion with a filmmaker, veteran, and researcher involved with “From Shock to Awe.”

After interviewing the folks involved with this topic, we feel this is an important film that needs to be made.  Initial results of MDMA research with PTSD, for example, suggest an improvement from an average of 23% to 84% successful treatment of processing serious war trauma over the current use of prescription drugs to vets.  

In this show, we speak with Janine Sagert, Ph.D., content producer for the documentary, Ryan LeCompte, a United States Marine Corps Infantry Veteran and founder of Veterans for Entheogenic Therapies (VETS), an organization whose mission is to spread awareness about alternative medicines for the treatment of PTSD. And also MDMA researher Saj Razvi, MA, LPC,  founder of the Love and Trauma Center in Denver, CO which educates clinicians nationally in the skills of trauma resolution. 

One of our best shows yet, we think you’ll appreciate the work these folks are doing and will continue to do as they evolve these dramatically succesful strategies for healing serious emotional trauma and related stressors via psychedelic therapies.   Click here for the Indie Go Go Campaign.

From Shock to Awe - How psychedelics bring relief to veterans suffering from PTSD.