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Future News - Art in Space, autonomous vehicle news, edible goo from poo, Pinker's "Enlightenment Now", Sharing brainwaves, Mavic Air drone delights

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Some great news items this week, including the first art satellite in orbit for all to see, the Humanity Star, crazy new autonomous vehicles, the new incredible Mavic Air drone, and some sharing from the new book, Enlightenment Now.  Enjoy!

Peter Beck with Humanity Star Satellite


Future News - Microwave Space Plane, Consumer Drone Weaponized, New Pain Drugs from Genetic Mutants, Newly Discovered 'Goldilocks Planet,' Metal Foam to the Rescue, Space Artist Don Davis and the New Horizons Pluto Mission, Update on the God Helmet.  

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We broadcast to you this week from a remote lake in the mountains of Quebec, Canada.  Lots of cool stories and Don Davis, Space Artistnews to share, including a report from Don Davis, a great space artist who shares with us his adventures at the New Horizons Mission Control Center, where history was made earlier this month, as we received the first closeup images of the dwarf planet, Pluto.  

Somewhat disturbing this week is the story on the weaponization of a consumer drone by a teenager, a sure sign of how we need to evolve our consciousness more quickly, to keep up with our technological evolution.  To help with that, we also bring you the latest research on the God Helmet, which brings a higher presence into your sphere of awareness by stimulating the temporal lobes of the brain.




Meet Space Art Pioneer Frank Pietronigro

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Frank is the first American artist to create “drift paintings” where his body floated within a three-dimensional painting that he created in zero gravity aboard NASA’s KC135 aircraft. On April 4, 1998, Pietronigro flew from the NASA Johnson Space Center, aboard a KC135 turbojet, to create ‘drift paintings’ as the artist’s body floated within the 3-D kinetic painting space facilitated by parabolic flight and microgravity. He appropriated modernist painting conventions using similar techniques employed in abstract impressionism but with the intention of having very different outcomes within a postmodern  situation. Frank painted by squeezing rainbow colored acrylic paints from pastry bags into the space surrounding his body.

 We discuss the whole field of Space Art with Frank and look at what interesting space art projects are coming up!

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