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Future News - Conversation with Col Terry on Terrorism after Brussels, Taylor Barcroft on the latest from Apple, including the iPhone SE and the smaller iPad Pro.

Listen Now to Future News 3.22.2016

It’s a sad day when more innocents are maimed and killed by senseless violence.  As we broadcast on a talk radio station, KSCO, it is our responsibility to discuss what is on the public’s mind today, so this is it..Hopefully we have added something meaningful to the evolving dialogue on this core issue of Islamic terrorism we are facing today.

Meanwhile, life goes on, and Apple has announced some juicy new tech worth lusting after.  Even here, however, Apple CEO Tim Cook began their new product announcements with his thoughts on Apple vs FBI terrorism case we have often discussed of late. For our Apple segment we bring on Taylor Barcroft, our correspondent on all things Apple..hmmm..maybe we’ll be able to record, edit, and post this show all on the latest iPad Pro..could be good!

Apple CEO Tim Cook, announcing the latest products, with their new campus as background.


Interview - Ayman Sawaf on Emotional Literacy and Terrorism

Listen Now to Ayman Sawaf

From the Middle East and a pioneer in the worlds of Emotional Literacy and Sacred Commerce, Ayman helps us get a grip on what’s happening in the minds of the ISIS/ISIL terrorists that are commanding so much of our attention these days.  One of the key emotions to understand, according to Ayman, is shame and how it works, how it can numb the mind and other feelings, leading to the violence we are seeing.  Ayman also discusses how working on the inner worlds of one’s emotions can directly affect the way the outer world is experienced and lived.  So… are you at peace with your ‘inner terrorist’? If not, then we strongly recommend this show. And even if you are, you’ll enjoy the spirit that Ayman brings to this difficult issue.