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Future News - Finding India's Lunar Lander, China's Rover finds Lunar Gel, Moon Conspiracies, Taylor Barcroft on the new iPhone 11 and Watch Series 5.

Listen Now to Future News 9.10.2019

Things looked bright for the Indian Lunar Chandrayaan 2 mission, until the final mile, when all contact was lost with the lander. It did land, however, but it appears to be on its side, a hard landing. Fortunately, most of the science of this mission lays with the instruments aboard the Chandrayaan 2 lunar orbiter.  So the mission continues despite the lander loss. Meanwhile, the Chinese lunar rover, the Yutu-2, has discovered what has been described as a gel-like substance near the South Pole. 

And to discuss the latest greatest iOS devices announced today by Apple, we have Taylor Barcroft in the studio, our Apple correspondent with the inside scoop. Should you get a new iPhone this year? There are many compelling reasons if you are still an iPhone 6,7,8 or X user.  (I do like the stunning new 3 lens camera on the iPhone 11 Pro). And if you like games, here’s comes Apple Arcade, where you can play dozens of compelling titles for $4.99/month. If you don’t like games, there is Apple’s Neflix competition, Apple TV plus, also for $4.99. Taylor will explain all. Enjoy!