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The New MacBook Pro, Nature's Mechanical Gears, Microbial Mars Attacks, Galactic Storms, Psychobiotics, and a Lively Discussion on Props 61 (prescription drug costs) and 64 (legalizing cannabis in CA)

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 11.01.2016

Boy, many of our favorite callers checked in on today’s show to the discuss what’s up ,especially Prop 64 on the California ballot regarding the legalization of marijuana.  At first it seems like a good piece of legislation, but deeper analysis reveals a number of flaws, one or more of which could be fatal.  In pure tax revenue we are talking about a minimum of an extra billion dollars a year going into the state coffers, and the spawning of many new cannabis oriented businesses, including the big boyz from mainstream corporate America. The small growers and cannabis entrepreneurs are leery of the extensive tax and regulations being levied, and almost 30% of revenues going directly to law enforcement after collection.  And the medical marijuana patients are concerned about prices rising and that there is still no medical plan that includes cannabis. We think you’ll enjoy our many callers on the topic, including KSCO’s highly articulate morning show host, Rosemary Chalmers.

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