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Future News and Interview with Attorney Douglas Gillies on the Future of Law

Listen Now to the Dr. Future Show 9.16.14

Mrs. Future and I share our thoughts and feelings of Bliss Camp 2014 and talk to one of the artist musicians, Hannah Thiem, from last weekend’s musical tribal event at the beautiful Camp Navarro, in sunny Mendocino County.  It’s a big week for Mars Exploration as two spacecraft approach the Red Planet.

We then spend most of the show talking with visionary attorney Douglas Gillies about the future of the legal profession, as we hurtle in a new world of rapidly changing boundaries and needs.  Douglas speaks  as a biographer of UN pioneer Robert Mueller.  Assistant Secretary-General for 40 years, his ideas about world government, world peace and spirituality led to the increased representation of religions in the UN, especially of New Age Movement. He was known by some as “the philosopher of the United Nations.”

Douglas speaks of the transition from competition to collaboration as we move to a global world view and his efforts to educate  businessmen, lawyers, and other professionals in creating such win/win scenarios.


Dr. Future News - Bitcoin goes Ballistic, 418 Celebrates 20 years, MAVEN heads for Mars

Dr. Future News 11.19.13

Boy, did Bitcoin capture our attention this show!  And speaking of shows, we had the lovely Laura Bishop show up to give us an update on the upcoming 418 Project Shindig, “Incandescence,” celebrating 20 years in Santa Cruz! Enjoy..