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Future News - SpaceX 'X' Mission, Orcas Hunting passing Greys, TN Adventures, Dr. Bruce on Astrobiology Gathering, Taylor Barcroft on Apple and Cannabis Updates, Greg Panos on NAB and VR.  

Listen Now to Future News 5.02.2017

We are just back from a vacation in Tennesee, and naturally we have things to discuss from our journey, along with many stories from our many guests this week.  Dr. Bruce is just back from a NASA Astrobiology conference in Arizona, sharing with us the excitement many in that field are experiencing with all the new Earth type planets discovered around nearby star systems.  Taylor brings us up to speed with all things Apple and delves into his new beat, the exciting ‘end-of-prohibition’ times of Cannabis in the U.S.A. and California in particular. Then Gregory Panos takes us to the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas, where all things media are explored.  His interest in VR takes him to the latest and greates in that arena, such as 4K 3D 360 video with depth perception.  And Mrs. Future shares her pat down experiences with TSA.  Enjoy!


Looking for the Future at the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas`

Listen Now to our live NAB show with Gregory Panos

This week we take our show on the road to The National Association of Broadcasters, in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.  Well, mostly sunny.  We had a really bad dust storm that made the sun look like the moon for a few hours.  It was reminiscent of dusty days on the Playa, at Burning Man, also in the Nevada desert, just a little further north and out..

L-R Greg Panos, Al & Sun Lundell broadcasting the Dr. Future Show at NAB

To comment with us on the many interesting things we saw at NAB, we have Gregory Panos, a long time cohort and pundit in the evoling media world. He has been especially tracking the new wave of augmented and virtual reality that is currently sweeping the mediosphere.

We talk about 360 degree live VR rigs, BlackMagic’s new  breakthrough cinema cam, wooden cameras, and wishing for our favorite weathercaster from Maui, “Sue Nomi”.

The Drone Pavilion was chalk full of new flying robots from all over the world, with live demos all day. 

We had a lot of fun at the show and are looking forward to sharing with you what we gleaned from this big show.

The GoPro booth at NAB was a popular strange attractor for media pioneers