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Future News - Earthlike planets found, Australian claims to have fathered Bitcoin, Ultrasound to the rescue for inside body cameras, New Hoverboard record, One Trillion Species on Earth, The Apple Watch Year One

Listen to Future News 5.03.2016

Wow, Earth-like planets found!  We kind of suspected they are out there, but to actually find one, that’s amazing! And only 40 light years away in the constellation of Aquarious.  I guess this is the dawning…:-)

Meanwhile back on Earth, we have discovered that there are over a trillion, count’em, a trillion types of species of biological life here. Admittedly  most of them are microscopic organisms, but hey, that’s a lot of types, way beyond previous estimates of 20 million or so species.

We also have an alleged new father of Bitcoin, the mysterious crypto-currency that seems to have rooted itself into our economic system. For the uninitiated, Bitcoin’s origin has always been surrounded in mystery, and now we have some more info on what may have happened to create this decentralized digital currency.

And this week marks the first anniversay of the Apple Watch! A proud owner, Dr. Future shares his thoughts on this wrist computer.. Enjoy!

An artist’s impression of life on planet near ultracool dwarf star. -ESO/M KOMMESSER