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Pepper Spray art goes viral, Ionizing Plasma, Better Batteries, Gut Bacteria, Creating Light from the Vacuum, 

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It’s time for the Future News of the week, joining the Futures, MC Hager and his son, Agent Luc as they make free associations from topic to topic, all the while connecting them with their unerringly rational intellectual commentary.

Pepper Spray art gone viral






Dr. Bruce Damer on the Saturday KSCO Special about his visionary Blueprint for a Radical Remake of America 

Bruce takes many call-ins, some quite challenging,  about his visionary blueprint on KSCO’s Saturday Morning Special, with host Michael Zwerling.  Listen as the document evolves before our very ears..

Occupy Twitterspace, Singularity Movie, 3D Printing Update, Polaroid goes Digital, Telexistence Robot, Projects of Google X. 

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The many shutdowns of Occupy sites got our attention this week, with such activities being  tracked live via Twitterspace  and internet-based video streams.  What’s next in this arena?  We explore some of the options.  

In other news, Ray Kurzweil is now involved with a Hollywood flick on the Singularity, 3D printing is starting to impact mainstream thinking, Polaroid gives us instant grat digitally in the tried-and-true way they did in the old days, a new kind of robot, and what’s going on at the secret labs of Google X?

This week our news is a separate file from our interview hour, where Dr. Bruce Damer speaks of a new blueprint for US government, Democracy 3.0, incorporating everything he has learned working and interacting with groups around the world to define how things could be.  This is posted as a standalone, for those particularly interested in what Dr. Damer has to say.  Meanwhile, enjoy The Dr. Future Show news!


Dr. Bruce Damer on a visionary Blueprint for a Radical Remake of America 

Listen Now to Bruce Damer on The Dr. Future Show

 Have you ever wondered how a democratic society might work, if it were designed incorporating today’s communications technologies and other innovations?  

If so, then check out:

Bruce Damer is a Canadian who emigrated to the US in 1985. When Bruce was sworn in as a US citizen in 2000 the federal judge presiding over the ceremony explained  thatthere is no democracy at the national level but you still have a chance for some representation at the local level so please fill out your voter registration card. Bruce has spent much of the last decade pondering this statement, wondering if America has ever actually been a democracy in the sense that Canada, Denmark and other countries are (no, as it has always disenfranchised large segments of its population). He then went on to investigate how America might one day become a functioning democracy, civil society and good member of the global community of nations.


This blueprint for the Radical Remaking of America resulted from this thinking and his interaction with a wide range of American society from Pentagon generals to NASA astronauts, Silicon Valley billionaires, activists and burners, Big Bankers, Christian home schoolers, off the gridders, cultural creatives, and just plain and wonderful ordinary folks. He has worked around the world, in the early 1990s helping develop one of the first software labs in Eastern Europe right after the fall of Communism, later speaking in South Africa during the transition from white rule, doing pioneering work in Internet virtual worlds and simulation for NASA, and is currently working with progressive projects in high tech to better lives around the world from the US to the Middle East, Pakistan and China and elsewhere.


If you are curious about Bruce and the team around the RadicalRemake Blueprint effort find Bruce and our page “Radical Remake” on Facebook or reach Bruce directly on the web at:


Pharmacist Ben Fuchs speaks in Santa Cruz

After our show with Ben, he spoke for a couple of hours to the community at large about critial issues of health.  We now present you with his talk, crammed with key info!

Listen to Pharmacist Ben Fuch’s talk in Santa Cruz 11.08.11